Log Book Service


Log Book service

What is a Log book ?


When you buy a new car it comes with a manufacturers Log book. A Log book is the guide for your car's recommended service intervals, or how long each component of your vehicle should last before it needs replacing or servicing. It is a guide for what should be serviced, replaced or inspected on your vehicle, how often and when.
A log book is also a record of how well your car has been maintained - and a great tool for when it's time to sell - By having followed the log book guidelines it means your car is well maintained and it will often mean you'll get a better price.


What is a new car warranty ?


What your new car warranty means is that the makers of your car are legally obliged to repair any faults which arise in your vehicle during the warranty period, to keep your warranty valid you have get to your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.


Do I have to only go to the Dealership who sold me my new car in order to get a Log book Service or to maintain my New Car Warranty ?

Often, the new car dealerships will tell you that by having your car serviced somewhere other than at their service centre will void your warranty. This is untrue. (Unless you have purchased an extended warranty which has a clause built in) You must however, ensure that where you have your car serviced employs fully qualified technicians, and that the services they perform meet the manufacturer's specifications and that quality parts are used.


At Maryborough Service Centre all the work we perform is done by fully qualified technicians and meets the manufacturer's standards. This means your new car warranty will remain valid. Come in and see our friendly staff for a quote.

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